Business and Contract Disputes

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Colleen Starr, Principal Attorney

We have vast experience representing corporate clients as large as Fortune 500 companies and as small as individually owned businesses in state and federal courts throughout the country.  Whether you are a company or individual, Morgan Starr Sackin PLLC will give your matter the individual attention it deserves.


We understand that working out a successful resolution of your business as quickly as possible is often more desirable than resorting to a lengthy and costly litigation.  Morgan Starr Sackin PLLC has the experience and knowledge to diffuse often contentious disputes at the early stages to achieve an optimal result while minimizing cost.

However, often times business disputes cannot be resolved amicably and litigation is necessary.  If this is the situation you find yourself in we will aggressively and zealously represent you at all stages of commercial litigation, from drafting of pleadings to trial.

Sample Representations

  • Defended car dealership in federal bankruptcy court against claims of fraudulent transfers and alter ego liability
  • Represented financial institution in seeking to recover monies from national retailer of brand name products due to claim of breach of contract
  • Represented minority shareholder in private company in bringing emergency action alleging majority owner was liable for oppressive conduct and looting